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Provident’s new Bob…

We’re excited to announce that Bob Stevenson has joined the Provident team as Lead Developer. In this role, he leads our software development team and is responsible for Provident’s IT infrastructure, including all alarm monitoring servers and database management. In short, Bob is responsible for all of our software systems that enable us to guarantee… Read more »

Provident NightOwl Preventing Crime Again in Abbotsford

After the success of an installed NightOwl Remote Video System at an Abbotsford construction site a few weeks ago, one of the neighbouring construction sites that had been relying on a Security Guard to patrol their site had us install NightOwl for them as well. It took less than a week for the system to… Read more »

Residential Burglaries in Vancouver week of July 13th through 19th, 2011

The heat map above (click the map for a bigger image) shows that there were forty-six (46) residential burglaries reported last week to the Vancouver Police Department. Fifteen (15) of those were on the Westside. One of the trends we’ve seen this summer already is a marked increase of thieves cutting telephone lines before breaking… Read more »

Why I’m voting ‘No’ in the HST Referendum…

I’m voting ‘No’ in the Referendum so that we can keep the HST in BC. That will not shock anybody. I’ve been a vocal proponent for the HST since its introduction last year. So vocal, in fact, that I was asked to co-chair the Smart Tax Alliance, which is the official ‘No’ side for the… Read more »