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Attend the next ‘Preventing Burglary’ seminar on November 24th, 2011

Our next ‘Preventing Burglary’ seminar is on Thursday, November 24th … Whether you are an existing Provident client or not, you’ll learn effective tips that you can put in place immediately that are both inexpensive (or free) and proven to actually work. You will walk out knowing exactly how most residential burglaries in Vancouver occur,… Read more »

Whistler Burglaries are not like Vancouver Burglaries

There is a big difference between residential burglaries in Vancouver and those in Whistler. While the typical residential burglary in the city follows a consistent pattern that starts with a kicked-in front door, most thefts in Whistler seem to be committed by people with access to both a key and alarm code. Coming home to… Read more »

Provident Goes to Whistler…

  Several years ago, a Vancouver client was very persistent in asking that we take over the alarm service & monitoring of their Whistler home. We obliged and quietly accepted a few more requests like that one. What began as a favour for one long-standing client ┬áhas grown into Provident serving several dozen Whistler clients… Read more »